Bentley Motors create a powerful, handcrafted uncompromising luxury and outstanding performance cars for 95 unapparelled years. The founder of Bentley Motors was W.O. Bentley, his philosophy was “to build a fast car, a good car, and the best in its class”. The car that pulled out of New Streets Mews, London in 1919 was the first car to bear his name. The Bentley models have been an ever-expanding of heritage cars and modern race cars. The Bentleys have originated with a handcrafted, coach-building and high performance engine design, and these are still present in the features of the today’s Bentley cars.

The company has set off their earlier years building cars to compete on the race track, by its middle year the Bentleys have wedded with the Rolls-Royce company. Bentley cars have been used in race in the 1920s, to a 24 hour race that the French were holding in the Le Mans, and for years they have won the race. Lately, they have built another legacy of manufacturing the Continental line of cars. These cars are capable of running with biofuels. Bentleys have been a success in racing and setting speed records.