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Used Bentley convertible for sale

Bentley convertibles are a hit across the entire globe. It’s robust and plain design attracts more men to appreciate it more. But, Bentley Convertible cars are expensive and will definitely put a hole in your pocket. However, there are Bentley car owners who wish to upgrade their cars to the latest Bentley models, thus, selling their used up Bentley convertible. Two of the online used up Bentley stores are Ebay and Car Gurus. Both of them cater Bentley owners who wish to sell their cars. These cars are referred to as used up or second-hand cars. This being second...

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Used Bentley for sale in Florida

Bentley cars have been on the run on the roads of Florida for almost 15 years already. Though, Bentley Motors has been on manufacturing cars for over a century old already. Even with this, they don’t fail to produce the most elegant and appealing cars of all times.  A lot of people long to have a Bentley car parked in their garage or at the front of their house, yet this pays a huge price. Bentley cars range from $200,000-$500,000 dollars depending on its model and make. In Florida, there are 20 different Bentley stores that sell Brand new...

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Used Bentley continental GT for sale

The Bentley Continental GT series was first released last 2003. It was the very first model they released after they acquire Volkswagen last 1998. It is smaller compared to that of original Bentley vehicles and costs less. Bentley comes with Continental GTC, Continental GT, Bentayga, Continental Flying Spur, Continental Super Sports, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne. As for this article, we will be talking about Continental GT for sale in the market. The original price of brand new Bentley Continental GT ranges from $250, 000 -$450,000, depending on the model you want to purchase. The current model is 2017 Continental...

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Bentley Turbo R Review

During its first years, Bentley Turbo R had an enormous price tag of around $130,000 by the year 1990. And because of this, it is perhaps the luxury deal of the modern age. The best thing about them? They completely make sense as a driving mechanism. A copious jab on the accelerator generates a surge of energy hurls you past lesser road users. If you are inside a post-1990 car with smart active suspension, you will experience complete self-control in the corners as well. Are you tempted to take the deal? What should you look for? Bodywork & Chassis...

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Bentley Azure: Is It Worth Your Money?

Similar to a priceless Louis XV cupboard or a recherché Biedermeier dresser, Bentley convertibles have regularly been top-shelf products constructed to gratify the hedonistic desires of the rich and the famous. With this common tradition, the 2007 edition of the classic Azure is an extremely pricey and excellently grand road yacht. Mechanically speaking, an Azure is a 2-door Arnage incorporated with an electric-powered canvas roof. What makes the 2007 Azure special among the rest is its old-fashion ingredients, including a made-to-order interior. Although developing a 450 HP (similar to the 2006 Arnage T), the new Azure features a similar...

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