Similar to a priceless Louis XV cupboard or a recherché Biedermeier dresser, Bentley convertibles have regularly been top-shelf products constructed to gratify the hedonistic desires of the rich and the famous. With this common tradition, the 2007 edition of the classic Azure is an extremely pricey and excellently grand road yacht. Mechanically speaking, an Azure is a 2-door Arnage incorporated with an electric-powered canvas roof. What makes the 2007 Azure special among the rest is its old-fashion ingredients, including a made-to-order interior.

Although developing a 450 HP (similar to the 2006 Arnage T), the new Azure features a similar engine as its antecedent. When Volkswagen took control of Bentley in 1998, they were eager to let go of the BMW turbo V-8 of the first Arnage and change it from the old-fashioned 6.8L pushrod V-8 Rolls-Royce to a four-speed General Motors auto box of the same vintage. In 2001, the engine was widely reworked, incorporating twin turbochargers.

The 2007 Bentley Azure is also the first 2-door Arnage, needing an entirely different cabin and rear-end design from the sedan. The extensive 3-layer fabric roof can be lifted and hauled down electrically in just thirty seconds and packs itself beneath a copious deck panel that is fully covered with leather.

Compared to the Arnage, the Bentley Azure is 240 lbs heavier, making it almost 3 tons. The unavoidable loss of torsional rigidness from taking off the roof is adjusted to a certain degree through carbon-fiber stiffeners incorporated into the underbody, which is a huge cross-shaped shape at the forepart and a smaller version at the back.

According to Bentley, the new Azure’s body shell is 4x more rigid than the old model. And it is quite true, with the absence of suffering from a shake without making you feel sporty on the road. The car is indeed fast, however, the 168-mph maximum speed and 0 to 60 under 5.6 seconds that they claim are not actually significant, nor is the implacable understeer while driving hard on a zigzag road. The Azure is most suitable traveling along the avenues at an average speed, with it 4 comfortably seated passengers spectating and being spectated in all the right spots.

The amount of Azures constructed every year must not surpass 400 and a majority of them will definitely spend their indulged existence traveling from one luxurious state to another, with a few stops at the docks, the expensive country club, and the helipad.


Type of Vehicle:
a. Front-engine
b. Four-passenger
c. Two-door convertible
d. Rear-wheel drive

Type of Engine:
a. 16-Valve V-8 Pushrod (twin turbocharged and inter-cooled)
b. Block and heads made out of aluminum
c. Port fuel injection

Power: 450 brake horsepower at 4, 100 revolutions per minute
Torque: 645 pounds-feet at 3, 250 revolutions per minute
Type of Transmission: Six-speed automatic
Total Dimensions: 122.7” (wheelbase) x 213.0” (length) x 75.0” (width) x 58.5” (height)
Total Curb Weight: 6,000 pounds

Performance Ratings:
0 to 60 mph: 5.6 seconds
0 to 100 mph: 14.4 seconds