Bentley Motors create a powerful, handcrafted uncompromising luxury and outstanding performance cars for 95 unapparelled years. Bentley presents their vehicles with big engines combined with interiors that offer luxurious feeling. In Bentley, the supercar speed meets handcrafted luxury. Here are the engine data, outstanding specifications and slick design, have a tour of our very own Bentley Continental GT.

A grand tourer and a personal luxury car that was first produced and released by Bentley under the Volkswagen AG management. This became the first Bentley that has employed a mass production in the manufacturing techniques. This shares the same platform as the Volkswagen Group D1 and related to the Bentley Continental Flying Spur and the Volkswagen Phaeton. The Bentley Continental GT is the predecessor of Bentley Continental R and Bentley Continental T.

The Bentley Continental GT has a new coupe style, with a sharp, modern radii to create a distinct look and surface giving a wide, confident and sporty feel. With its interior, the Bentley Continental GT have skillfully evolved into a quietly refined style yet comfortable that can get your attention. They have introduced a new steering wheel with a new curled paddle-shift gear selectors, and they have improved it to assure more grip thus having a new wheel shape. The seats have striking and alluring soft-touch leathers and a blood orange illumination you can turn on during the night. The Bentley Continental GT has embedded the Mulliner Driving Specifications, thus having a quilted perforated hide seats, door infill and rear three-quarter panels with embroidered Bentley emblems on each headrest. Along with such potency, the Bentley Continental GT offers an everyday superb usability. They have highly crafted the interior

Despite the increase of power, the 6.0 liter W12 twin-turbo engine producing 590PS and 720Nm of torque creates a less emission. An 8-speed close-ratio transmission and innovative Variable displacement system have topped its engineering efficiency. The Bentley Continental GT can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.3 seconds, and in 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds, it has a maximum speed of 198 miles per hour or 319 kilometers per hour.

The Bentley Continental GT can have optional features of massage and ventilated seats, adaptive cruise control and jewel fuel and oil filler caps. A customization is also available for the wheels and leather interior. The wheel customization reduces weight for improved comfort and performance, hand stitching is considered for the leather interior customization.

Prices vary with the dealership company yet may start at $400,000 dollars, if lucky, it may be $400,000 below.