95 years of delivering the luxury with high performance and innovation, Bentley is now recognized as the most innovative and stylistic cars manufacturers and marketers across the globe. Bentley motors was established in 1919 by Walter Owen Bentley and with the history of acquisition and merge with Rolls-Royce, Bentley re-emerged from anonymity in 1998 when Volkswagen acquired it. Since then Bentley is working with the inspiration of its founder by merging tradition with innovation and has preserved its heritage by building the best performance cars by employing best of the designers, engineers, and artisans. These engineers incorporate the technology and invention to build the most luxurious and supreme motor cars of the world.

In the year 2017, Bentley is still following its legacy by providing the world with the best motorsports and has celebrated multiple race successes. Bentley has also introduced NEW BENTAYGA MULLINER, which is the ultimate luxury serve. Bentley has also launched new MULSANNE HALLMARK services by mulliner in the year 2017. Bentley motors are assembled in Crewe, England and each car is manufactured by Bentley and is finished by the finest craftspersons in leather, metal, and wood. Bentley is preserving the spirit of its founder by merging the past conventions with the latest technology to create the best of the automobiles.

Bentley car prices start with $180, 195 that is only affordable by the wealthiest of the community. Bentley list of latest cars includes Muslanne, the flying spur, the continental range, and bentayga. Muslanne provides the best handmade automobiles with the combination of best performance and luxury. It has three models, which are muslanne, muslanne speed, and muslanne extended wheelbase, which provide extra legroom implying more comfort. The Flying spur has also three models which are flying spur, flying spur W125, and flying spur V8 S. This range offers a uniqueness in all the aspects including engineering, craftsmanship, and technology. New Continental range consists of full-blooded GT, the GT speed, Continental V8 and V8 S and also the New Continental Supersports. This range offers a blend of luxury, power, and sophistication in both exteriors and interiors. Each model is available in the choice of the convertible. The bentayga range consists of bentayga, Mulliner Bentayga with a W12 engine and Bentayga diesel. Bentayga diesel is Bentley’s first ever diesel that is able to travel more than 1000 kilometer on one full tank.

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