Benefits of Used Bentley Cars

A used Bentley grants not just a sensation of history on its past owner, but also an eagerness for the road trip to come. However, this is down to more than the car’s marvelous inheritance. It is all about the performance, design, and workmanship of each car. Added to that, it is about the genuine advantages of purchasing from an authentic Bentley dealer, encompassing a full warranty and the expertise of Bentley-trained mechanicians who examine each used vehicle.

Strict Inspection

Each vehicle will pass through a strict examination prior to getting a sale certification as a used Bentley. The car’s service history and origin will be proved that includes inspecting the vehicle’s specs along with the original records from England. Only trained mechanicians are allowed to examine cars at this stage since they’re the only individuals who are certified to give a Certificate of Authenticity for the vehicle.

Full Warranty

The Bentley warranty for a used model is valid for at least 12 months. You are free to lengthen the warranty period at your disposition and there are mileage restrictions to be imposed. This warranty has been created to offer protection for your vehicle, that is nearly the same as the one provided by a new car warranty.

Roadside Support

The roadside support bundle includes advantages including roadside repossession and home assistance to parking and storage, travel and accommodation expenses, vehicle hire and vehicle delivery.

B. List of Used Bentley Models For Sale

The Arnage Range

For several years, The Arnage savored incredible success at the peak of the populous and competitive market of luxury saloons. Since its launch in the year 1998, the Arnage projected a voice of advanced euphemism as the 4-dog flagship of the Bentley range.
1. Arnage
2. Arnage R
3. Arnage RL
4. Arnage T
5. Arnage Final Series (celebration of the Arnage epoch)

The Azure

A truly powerful convertible, the Azure is unparalleled in performance and reliability. The first Azure made its debut in the year 1995. The 2nd generation Azure, first proclaimed in 2005, provided a better performance grand tourer to the market, which was announced in 2009.

1. Azure
2. Azure T

The Continental Flying Spur

Introduced in 2005, the 4-door grand touring car features a 6L twin turbocharged W12 engine. The Continental Flying Spur had a forbidding existence on the streets and a maximum speed of more than 190 miles per hour. To make a driving experience different from any other vehicle sharing the same class, the steering, chassis, and suspension all performed in accordance.

1. Continental Flying Spur
2. Continental Flying Spur Speed
3. Continental Flying Spur Series 5 1

Continental GT

During the beginning of the 21st century, Bentley has revealed the two-door Bentley grand tourer. This model became the modern and new interpretation of what Bentley had created years before. A combination of incredible power, distinct refinement, and class-leading capacity, the engine was astounding.

1. Continental GT
2. Continental GTC
3. Continental GT Speed
4. Continental GTC Speed
5. Continental GT Series 51
6. Continental GTC Series 51