Although taking inspiration(s) from the excellent Grand Touring customs, this completely new Bentley coupé is created, designed and build with the latest techniques mixed with unparalleled Bentley workmanship.

After its release in 2005, it acquired the title as the fastest 4-seated coupé in the whole world with a maximum speed of more than 180 miles per hour and 0 to 62 miles per hour of under 5 seconds.

With a mechanism that features a Bentley-designed 6L twin-turbocharged W12, it advances more than 500 brake horsepower. Not only designed to provide great power, but also the obvious Bentley distribution accomplished only by the concomitance of high torque at minimum revs.

The drive is distributed to every of the 4 wheels, which is a first for a Bentley vehicle – as is the paddle controlled, 6-speed automatic gearbox. Not only to improve the Bentley Continental GT’s overall performance, the all-wheel drive and electronic stability system were deemed important to also give all year round adaptability in every condition.

As it is designed in-house at Bentley’s design studios in Crewe, England, the model includes every custom Bentley design trademarks into a completely modern shape. Presented to accommodate a family of four people in luxury and provide ample luggage space for a 2-week driving escapade.

Styling indications encompass pillarless compartment, small front overhang, distinct haunches, typical ‘face’ highlighting large interior headlamps, leveled mounted back spoiler that arises at a particular speed.

The Bentley Continental GT is completely designed in a virtual world, utilizing the most current digital methods.

The structure designed by several Bentley engineers to offer responsive ownership mixed with hassle-free absorbent ride quality compatible with the coupé’s Grand Touring responsibility.

Bentley’s Continental GT is furnished with the complete suite of passive safety hardware. Aside from the having a remarkable front, side and rear distorted features on impact, it features 2 front airbags, 4 side airbags and 2 side curtain bags which, atypical for a coupé, all run along the total length of the car’s cabin. All four seats also include seat belt pre-tensioners.

Evidently “prevention is better than cure” and steering away from the accident in the first place must be advantageous. In order to achieve this goal, the Continental GT is specified similarly to a few models in the market.

With all the highlights mentioned above, do you think the Bentley Continental GT is a success or a failure? Let us know!

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