The Bentley Continental GT series was first released last 2003. It was the very first model they released after they acquire Volkswagen last 1998. It is smaller compared to that of original Bentley vehicles and costs less. Bentley comes with Continental GTC, Continental GT, Bentayga, Continental Flying Spur, Continental Super Sports, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne. As for this article, we will be talking about Continental GT for sale in the market. The original price of brand new Bentley Continental GT ranges from $250, 000 -$450,000, depending on the model you want to purchase. The current model is 2017 Continental GT. If you compare spending $400,000 to other vehicle brands, you will surely find Bentley vehicles cheaper and worth it than that of other brands.

Bentley Continental has been out on the road and has been appreciated by thousands of people from all over the globe. But due to its high price, many people just stare at it out of jealousy. But right now, you don’t have to worry about that since there are a lot of Bentley owners who sell their Bentley cars for a lower price, which gives you the chance to have on even with a little amount of money.  In the entire United States of America, Bentley cars have been running the roads, impressing people. The best place to have your own Bentley Continental is Florida. It has almost 10,000 Bentley vehicles of its cities and provinces.

In Car Gurus or Ebay, used Bentley Continental GT is for sale. All you have to do is to look for the best prices and the best deals that will suit up your budget and your car model preferences. As what most of the old men say, “It is good as new”. Listed below is one example of a second hand Bentley Continental GT.

2009 Bentley Continental GT Speed

2009 Bentley Continental GT SPEED is one of the best series of Bentley Continental GT. The 2009 model is the most sold model for this series, selling over 3000 pieces in its first year of release. According to vehicle statistics, 2009 Bentley Continental GT Speed is Bentley’s fastest vehicle ever produced.  The used Bentley Continental GT Speed is sold by HGreg Lux in Pompano Beach Florida. They sold it originally for $79,800 but later on decreased the price to $77, 800 which is the current price. According to market analysis, the price is $4,142 below the market value of the vehicle. HGreg Lux received 7 satisfactory reviews from their customers. This 2009 Bentley Continental GT has no issues in terms of accidents and titles. It has run its 6-speed automatic transition for only 27, 531 miles. The internal color is gray while the outer color of the vehicle is Black, making it classy and mystique to look at.

Bentley Continental is expected to be running on the roads of the entire world for a Century due to millions of people appreciating it. Bentley motors surely create the best and robust designs that men and women appreciate.