Bentley convertibles are a hit across the entire globe. It’s robust and plain design attracts more men to appreciate it more. But, Bentley Convertible cars are expensive and will definitely put a hole in your pocket. However, there are Bentley car owners who wish to upgrade their cars to the latest Bentley models, thus, selling their used up Bentley convertible. Two of the online used up Bentley stores are Ebay and Car Gurus. Both of them cater Bentley owners who wish to sell their cars. These cars are referred to as used up or second-hand cars. This being second hand, the prices of Bentley cars also decreases. It is now up to the buyer to plan well and canvas properly the second hand Bentley car he will buy.

Second-hand cars may not be as good as brand new cars but it functions the same. The best way to have a nice car and save money is to buy second-hand cars. Listed below are used Bentley convertible cars, their prices, specifications, and a contrast between Ebay and Car Gurus.

2007 Bentley Continental GT GTC Convertible 2-Door

This used up 2007 Bentley Continental GTC 2DR is featuring a 6.0L, 12 cylindrical gasoline engine. It is also equipped with six SAT or Speed Automatic Transmission. In Car Gurus, the seller is in Delray Beach Florida. He sells it for a total amount of $65,995 USD. It has no reported issue on the title of the car as well as accidents issues. Its Mileage is 41, 113 miles, black in exterior color and tan on the inside. Its engine number is W12. At Ebay, the same model is sold for $64,888 USD. Though, the Mileage is just 29, 985 miles. Both of the cars are convertible. The color is white on the outside and tan on the inside.  Compared to that of Car Gurus, this deal is better due to cheaper price and less mileage.

2016 Bentley Continental GTC W12

This is the latest model of Bentley Continental GTC W12. If you want to have the latest car, this model will surely fit you. The seller of Bentley 2016 model is located in Miami Florida. It has no reported issue on the title of the car and accident reports. Originally, the price for this vehicle was $199,500 USD but it not being sold for $197,000. The one in Car Gurus has run 2,348 miles with an 8-speed automatic transmission. Its exterior and interior color are pearlescent and White respectively. According to market analysis, it is $24, 769 bellow the market value of the car. In Ebay, the same model is open for $194, 995 USD, which is a little lower than that of Car Gurus.

There are still a variety of Bentley Convertible cars sold on Car Gurus and Ebay. Although both differ in prices, Car gurus are said to be legit than that of Ebay. It is now up to you to pick and spot the best deal, the best offer, and the best Bentley Convertible at the right time.